We will be bringing God's love and purpose to the children in Santa Ines, Guatemala as a team of families from Dallas!

Our Camp Sonshine International team will be conducting ministry for the children living in Santa Ines, Guatemala. Working with our host missionary we will conduct 3 days of "Superheroes!" A high energy camp designed to share the gospel and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. Even after we leave Guatemal, the local missionaries will be able to reproduce the camp format to continue ministering to the community for many years! We will also bring a day of encouragement to orphans by sharing our program and lots of gifts donated by a local school in Cedar Hill, TX. Many of the single mom's that are homeless will also recieve love and encouragement as we plan special days for them. these are just a few of the ministry opportunities our family will be a part of. Instead of heading to the beach, we’re taking our Spring Break and turning it into a break with a mission! This will be our children's first missions experience and a definite first for us to be together as a family on the mission field..we are so excited for this amazing opportunity!

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    Camp Sonshine International brings God's love and purpose to Children around the world.
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