April 2014, my team and I will be building 28 latrines and constructing a 500 foot pipeline bringing water to the community of Pomier.

In April 2013, my team and I will be traveling to Guyana with B3 and Habitat For Humanity. Guyana is made out of about 38 smaller islands called Wakapau. We will be staying at the island known as Wypacua. Once at Wypacua we will be building two bridges that connect the island to two other islands, Yarshima and Myrie. The bridges that we are building will be roughly 1700 feet and 1200 feet. Not only will we be building bridges, but we are also constructing a small community center on the island.

We are expected to raise the funds, which will pay for all of the projects supplies, tools, and engineering plans. B3’s policy of fundraising allows us teenagers to feel that we as individuals can effect change in this world for the better. To that end, I am writing you this letter hoping you would consider making a tax-deductible contribution towards Builders Beyond Borders.

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