I'm fundraising for Dirty Vagabond Ministry by participating in the 2012 Pittsburgh Marathon Relay Race. All money directly benefits DVM

In 2007, my sophomore year of highschool, my youth group at Saint Alexis in Wexford, PA started to do events with Dirty Vagabond Ministry from Stubenville, OH. We would go to church, youth group nights, week long retreats, and service projects with each other. Throughout the three years of highschool that I was involved with Dirty Vagabond, I got to know many of the kids.

I grew close with a lot of them, and started to form strong relationships with them. Now that I'm in college, I volunteer as a leader at Saint Alexis youth group every weekend. And every weekend Dirty Vagabond Ministry joins us for mass and our youth night. Over the past 5 years, the kids of Dirty Vagabond have changed my life in so many ways. They make me appreciate everything that I have: a good family, a nice home, money for food, everything. Running this marathon, and fundraising for Dirty Vagabond, is me trying to give back to them. Any money that is raised goes directly to Dirty Vagabond Ministry. I appreciate any and all support that you can give me.

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