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The Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center provides a much-needed sanctuary for families and their children with disabilities. It is particularly special to me because Michael Carter Lisnow is my brother.

Growing up with Michael made me see first hand the huge joys and tremendous difficulties of having a family member with a severe disability, or, in Michael’s case, a bunch of disabilities. Having watched the amazing care given by Sharon, his mom, and the unending love Michael gave to and received from his family, has inspired me to want to give back in any way I can to the Respite Center in Michael’s honor.

When I spend time at the Respite Center I feel a great sense of pride and community. People with disabilities really need this community. It is most important to them. However, people without disabilities like myself also need the Respite Center. Whenever I spend time there I learn from people who have to struggle with everyday tasks. I learn not to take anything from granted. I learn to be a better father, a better husband, a better person.

If I can help to ease the mental, physical, and financial burden for several families through the course of a year, then running 26 miles seems a less daunting task. Running a marathon in several hours doesn’t compare to the marathon that these families call every day life; the respite center allows for much needed breaks and pauses for both the attendees and their caregivers.

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