Matrix Theatre Company uses the transformative power of theatre to change lives, build community, and foster social justice.


Matrix Theatre Company uses the transformative power of theatre to change lives, build community, and foster social justice. Matrix creates opportunities for children, youth, adults and elders, especially those in isolated or challenged communities, to become creators, producers, and audience of original and heritage theatre.


"To me, Matrix is the best place ever. I love the teachers and being in plays. I have learned that our community is a great place. They help you believe in yourself."

- Ivory, Age 10, has helped Matrix write and perform 6 new plays since she joined Matrix 3 years ago.

As a cultural anchor of Southwest Detroit, Matrix Theatre Company will provide the most transformative and inclusive programs, facilities, and performances. We aim to become a national model for socially engaged, community-based theatre production, playwriting, and education.


"At Matrix, I can do's where I can escape reality, and a place where I can be accepted."
- Ron, Age 18

Matrix Theatre Company uses creativity, community, and collaboration to build powerful personal identities and deep connections to place. A focus on the local, the specific, and the original informs all of Matrix productions and programs.

Matrix is inclusive in practice and purpose: we engage all ages, all ethnicities, and all abilities through a uniquely comprehensive array of programs. Our three main programs include:

  • The Matrix School of Theatre annually teaches 350 children and youth who create and perform new plays and puppets under the guidance of mentor artists.

  • Community Puppets creates and performs giant puppets like Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez, and mask and dance performances for public or festival settings.

  • The Matrix Theatre is professional theatre that offers a full season of plays for adults and youth.

In all of our programs, co-creation and collaboration are key. Through this approach, we develop negotiation, team problem solving, and the sharing of scarce resources.


"Matrix is opportunity...for change, for nourishment, and for learning. I learned to believe in myself. Matrix shows you CAN accomplish things you didn't think you could do, with the right direction."
- Maurizio, adult, involved with Matrix for 3 years as an actor, teacher, and photographer

The following values are reflected throughout Matrix programs:

  • Dedication to the theory and practice of socially engaging theatre, with specialization in collective playwriting and puppet building.

  • Commitment to place; to the local and specific; to the historical, traditional, and indigenous, as embodiments of universal human experience.

  • Determination to mount inclusive, affordably priced performances made in partnership with community organizations and held in spaces where the entire community feels welcome.

  • Conviction that through its work, Matrix is engaged in the struggle for cultural, social, economic and political equity for all.

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