I'm running in the 117th Annual Boston Marathon on the Girl Scout Marathon Challenge Team!

Girl Scouts, for me, was a great adventure. Seems like a million years ago, back in the 1960's, when our uniform included white gloves! A lot has changed in Girl Scouts, but not their basic principle:

Local, national, and global service and action are core elements of the Girl Scout experience.

In the 1960's there were not many activities for girls - and my friends and I had opportunities in Girl Scouts we wouldn't have had another way. Opportunities to serve our community, learn about the world around us through camping, and learn to depend on ourselves and each other. 50 years later, girls have these same opportunities available through Girl Scouts.

And, cookies aside, there is a focus on health and wellness. This is the first ever Girl Scout Marathon Challenge Team - celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouts. I hope you will support the Girl Scouts, and me, as I train to run the Boston Marathon!

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