Crisis in the Horn of Africa -- YOU can save the life of a child.

(From Mark Rhode) --

I have traveled to Africa many times -- each time visiting a location where children were suffering from lack of safe water, food and access to health care.

But, what is happening right now in the Horn of Africa is a far worse than anything I could imagine.

According to the United Nations 10 million people in the easternmost corner of Africa have become vulnerable to starvation due to drought. Without rain, crops have failed, and the prices of food and fuel are rising beyond the reach of families already struggling to survive.

Action for Africa is already partnering with World Vision in the Kingdom of Lesotho to bring hope to children orphaned by the HIV/Aids Pandemic.

Now, in addition to continuing our work in Lesotho -- we feel compelled to respond to the Crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Every dollar raised through this website will be sent directly to World Vision to support their work in providing safe water and nutritious food to vulnerable children and families in the Horn of Africa.

Please join with me as we seek to bring urgent aid to thousands of people in distress.


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