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Ever since studying in China in 1987, I’ve been an advocate for study abroad. I think there is nothing more important than placing American college students in unfamiliar, uncomfortable situations overseas. As they learn to navigate and grow comfortable with their “dislocation,” they learn so much. We all know that students who travel to places like Jordan or Japan learn valuable language and cultural skills at rapid rates. But they also develop a broader worldview, a more tolerant perspective, and a more humble sense of self. Those who were challenged to get through frustrating, homesick days complete their programs with lasting connections and importantly, a strong desire to head back abroad after graduation.

Unfortunately this powerful experience is not available to all students, as the statistics below make clear. I’m running this race to raise scholarship money so that more students from underrepresented groups can participate. It’s time we change the statistics and make study abroad more accessible. No organization is better positioned to help than the Fund for Education Abroad!

National facts about study abroad:

•Top 4 study abroad destinations are in Western Europe

•Just 22% of study abroad students are minorities, but minorities make up 36% of the student population in higher education

•The majority of study abroad students study abroad for 8 weeks or less.

•Community college students make up less than 3% of the study abroad population

The Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to increasing both the number and diversity of students who study abroad.

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