Every child has a dream and a desire to be all that he or she can be. Sponsoring a Chlid for JASY Camp helps make dreams come true.

“The children who have attended the JASY camps truly appreciate the experience as the activities have had an uplifting effect on their lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some of the youth have begun to see life from a different perspective, not just poverty; and besides putting a smile on their faces it has given them a chance to use their God-given talents. One of the major problems in Jamaica is that there is a lack of hope that anything will get better and JASY offers these young people a spirit of hope and love. The friendships that have been formed, the bonds that have been cemented will be life-long for the people in Riverton. God Bless JASY!” Msgr. Richard Albert, Founder St. Patrick's Foundation, Jamaica

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