Please help raise as much money as possible this Christmas for Mariela and all the children in Children's Villages of Honduras!

Mariela was born into a life of poverty and abuse. Her father, an alcoholic, was so abusive of her mother that after an especially abusive night, her mother was left with brain damage. A few days later, Mariela and her siblings were delivered to the Honduran social welfare system. When Mariela arrived to the New Hope Village she suffered from very low self-esteem and often took out her insecurity on others. She was very timid and avoided social situations. Today Mariela has a vastly improved self-image and has become a social butterfly who loves to show off her talents in public. Mariela hopes to someday become a stewardess so she can travel the world. With your contribution we can ensure that Mariela, and many other children just like her, has a happy Holiday Season and continues to reach new heights in 2013.

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