I'm plunging into the Atlantic Ocean on the last day of the year, to raise money to fight climate change. Please donate or join us!

Man-made climate change is already happening! Rising ocean temperatures, severe weather phenomena, and impacts on wildlife are evident here in Maine. Living near the ocean, we see it, feel it, and grieve about it.

For the last 2 summers, I have had to leave our favorite camping location because it was too hot to stay. Even with a site directly on the water, I couldn't tolerate the stifling heat. We see the increase of destructive pests coming up from the south. I regularly check our hemlock trees for the wooly adelgid, hoping they won't destroy our evergreens. Lyme disease has become rampant here, where it hardly existed before. The lobster prices were cheap this year, but that is partly because of the loss of biodiversity in the Gulf of Maine. The warming oceans mean that our beloved horseshoe crabs are coming to spawn in May or earlier, rather than in June. I just hope they still come at all.

We see these changes all around us and we know we must increase our efforts to preserve our planet, and all its life. The Natural Resources Coucil of Maine is a wonderful organization that works on climate change through education, legislation, and direct programs. They work with fisherman, scientists, universities, school children and the public.

Save the Polar Bears! Save the Humans! Please donate what you can and/or join us on December 31st. Thank you!

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