This year I am participating with a great organization to better foreign countries. This year we're going to Guyana, and I need your help!

I participated with B3 last year for the first time on a trip to Nicaragua. The week long adventure was unlike anything I've done before- the new culture nearly overwhelming in the contrast of living. Physicially experiencing their lifestyle hit me unlike any donation I could have given. That is why I am so eager to join again this year on our trip to Wakapau, Guyana a small series of islands at the heart of the country. Wakapau's weak affluence and complete isolation establish many problems for the town, making it the focus of our Teams trip. Specifically we are going to help unite the series of islands that creates Wakapau through Sand Bridges. Right now, many citizens have difficulty commuting: getting water or medical attention are equally difficult without any connection to the other islands. We believe that creating a physical connection will mentally unite the people. Any donations to me, no matter the size, will be oen step closer to uniting the people of Guyana.

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