Help Young Life Students from the south side of Chicago take a missions trip to Malawi to serve other Young Life students.

Young Life is all about living life on life with kids and giving them the opportunity to live a fuller life. Our Young Life students have been to Young Life camp and it has changed their life. Now we want to give them the opportunity of a life time and teach them about service by taking them on a mission trip to Malawi to server students at a Young Life camp in Malawi. We want to give them the opportunity to serve and experience life as it is on the other side of the globe. We want to broaden their horizons while helping to stretghen their relationship with Christ, others on the trip, and their brothers and sister who look like them but live on another continent. We hope you partner with us and help invest in this great opportunity for our students in Chicago to impact the lives of studnets in Malawi. Thank You.

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