Running Hopkinton to Boston again--- because improving the odds of young people, 1 mile at a time is that much fun!

I am dedicated to leveling out the playing field for kids from at-risk communities through being an ambassador for mentoring. My mentoring background includes being a "Mentor" at Strong Women Strong Girls, a "Pal" at the Timility Middle School Promising Pen-Pals Program (currently still writing letters!), and lastly but definitely not least - "Buddy" for Best Buddies. I'm very passionate about the difference you can make in someone's life by being a mentor, pal, or buddy to them.

All of these different titles are in my past but connect to my present. For the 2nd year in a row, I am a charity runner for the Mass Mentoring Partnership. I run to serve. I run for something better for someone else. And I love it.

I appreciate you supporting both my cause and of course my training efforts.

To learn more about the ins-and-outs of this journey visit my training blog:


Q: What makes the Mass Mentoring Partnership so important?

A: MMP helps to support and expand quality youth mentoring in Massachusetts!

180+outstanding programs funded

*In 2011, there are approximately 2,700 children on program waiting lits in need of a mentor and the average time spent on waiting lists is a minimum of 6-12 months due to an inadequate number of volunteers.

*50% of youth in Massachusetts who drop out of high school come from low-income families and research demonstrates that mentoring has significant positive effects on two early indicates of high school dropouts- high levels of absenteeism and recurring behavior problems.

*Within the 10 largest urban communities in Massachusetts there are over 52,000 young people living in single-parent households and in poverty. These kids need the guidance of a mentor to reach their dreams.

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    Mass Mentoring Partnership is fueling the movement to expand quality mentoring for youth to meet the needs of communities across MA.
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