The LSUS Men's and Women's Soccer Program is trying to raise money to continue their dream of playing soccer at the collegiate level.

On Wednesday February 27, 2013 a wave of shock took over four dozen student athletes from a rash and unexpected decision. We were supposedly being informed of getting a new soccer coach but instead we were given some heartbreaking and devastating news that our program was being cut due to financial issues. Players were appalled and struck with dismay after hearing the decision. Anger and depression were just a couple of emotions floating about the room.

To cut us while we are on the rise so early in our existence is an unwise decision after coming off our best season and finishing one game shy of the NAIA National Tournament. Not knowing where to go from here after feeling left behind, we as a team decided we could not go out like this. We combined our passion, spirit and love of the game in attempt to revive the program.

The only thing left for us to do is to go out and ask for support from our family, friends and people in the community to help us raise our goal of $70,000. We believe we have too much heart to stop here to not search for our dream’s answer. We are calling on everyone else to help us out by giving what ever they might be capable of offering.

Thank you for your support,

LSUS Soccer Program

However, if we are not able to meet our goal, you are still helping us out because the money raised will go towards displaced soccer athlete's scholarships.

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