love.fútbol partners with and empowers underserved communities to build soccer fields where youth lack safe spaces to play.

Around the world, children are desperate and determined to play the game they love.

They play in busy streets and trash dumps, through sewage and along narrow highway medians, on prohibited land and in dangerous neighborhoods that are not their own...

Every day children are hurt, caught and sometimes killed in their effort to play this simple game.

love.fútbol is a 501(c)3 non-profit/social enterprise dedicated to the right to soccer for every child. We empower underserved communities to take ownership over their own soccer field projects and their resulting community asset. A love.fútbol field is more than a place to play - it is an enduring symbol of communal strength and a platform for youth, community and economic development.

Since 2006, love.fútbol has completed thirteen projects in impoverished communities across Guatemala and Brazil where thousands of children fulfill their passion for soccer every day.

It is an exciting moment in our history. Brazil's 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics promise a great opportunity to shine a light on our mission. As the global events unfold on the world stage, please know that every cent you contribute to love.fútbol adds to our fight for every child to have a safe place to play this beautiful game.

Thank you and all our best!

~ The LF Team

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