Killian has been adopted!! I will now be sleeping with Sarah!


On the night of October 22nd, I will be “locked in” at the Austin Pets Alive building, sleeping in the doggie condos with my favorite Fresh Start dog, Killian.

When Killian first came to APA!, he was a frantic mess. I’m sure he felt lost, scared, and basically how anyone would feel if they were taken from whatever home he had and put in a building with 100 other dogs barking away.

I remember the first day we had Killian at our building, we put him in the outdoor doggie “castle”, a dog kennel we thought was foolproof for doggie escape artists. He was too smart for that, so he dug out and ran over to someone’s SUV in the parking lot that had the back door open. He was trying to climb into the back of the car and into the crate that was open in the back. He was so nervous and anxious that he was willing to hitch a ride with any random person out of here!

Now, because of the help of the Fresh Start program, Killian gets special attention from our behavior volunteers and staff. He has calmed down and now looks forward to interaction with humans. He has learned many new things while here – from walking nicely on his leash, to how to socialize with other dogs in our doggie playgroups, and his favorite trick – high ten!

Because of the wonderful donations to our behavior program, Killian now has the chance to flourish in a new adoptive home. My goal in sleeping over with Killian in his condo is to raise $250 towards helping more dogs that need a little extra attention to get adopted.

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