Louie's Sleep Over

On Oct 22nd, I'm going to spend the night "in the dog house" with a shelter dog to raise money for APA's Behavior Team.

The Behavior Team is responsible for the training and enrichment of all dogs in the APA adoption program. Whether a dog needs to learn where to go potty or how to walk on a leash or that people aren't scary or mean, the Behavior Team (made up mostly of dedicated volunteers like me) sees to each dog's needs and makes sure they get what they need before and even after they're adopted.

I'm spending the night with Cupcake (http://www.austinpetsalive.org/2011/09/cupcake-cupcake-cupcake/), a cute and spunky little girl who's been with APA for way too long. Money raised will help her and dogs like her get the enrichment they need to combat boredom.

My goal is $250; please donate whatever amount you'd like. Any little bit helps dogs like Cupcake find great homes.

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