LCC involves and empowers members of the community to take action on issues affecting their lives.

As you probably know, the Longfellow Community Council (LCC) is Longfellow’s neighborhood organization, and we’re dedicated to making Longfellow the best neighborhood it can be. We’re the neighborhood’s “go-to” source for questions about development, safety, livability, and building community. LCC listens to your feedback about what’s important to you in Longfellow – everything from cleaning up the Mississippi River to facillitating discussions between residents and the City or County. Then we organize events and work with our neighbors, policy makers, and government officials to improve our neighborhood.

In 2013, with the support of our neighborhood, LCC:

  • Implemented a rebranding campaign to highlight the assetts of the neighborhood.
  • Provided funding support for the new Riverside Market on East Lake Street.
  • Helped start a Hops Garden in a vacant lot of 38th Street. The Garden will be run by the Minnesota Beer Activists and provide hops to local brewers.
  • Provided matching funding to help install more bike racks outside of businesses in the neighborhood.
  • Created the East Lake Street Workgroup to bring residents together who have an interest in revitalizing and showcasing East Lake Street
  • Began Longfellow365, a photo project that will take place throughout 2014 to capture the diversity that is the Greater Longfellow Community.

We’ve achieved so much – but we need your support to make sure Longfellow continues to be a great neighborhood!

We have big plans for 2014. We need your help to ensure LCC can continue to connect you to exciting, relevant projects and solutions that meet your needs. Traditional sources of funding are diminishing, and may disappear altogether, so we need your support now more than ever.

We know you’re proud to live here. Please support the neighborhood by donating to LCC today.


LCC will involve and empower the members of the community to take action on issues affecting their lives.


  • Convening meetings and organizing monthly and semi-annual events and outreach efforts to encourage community participation
  • Review and planning effort on development and land use issues
  • Environmental stewardship activities and programs- planning and coordinating implementation of housing improvement and commercial revitalization initiatives

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