We are raising funds to complete and maintain an art, science and community coral refuge in the National Marine Park in Cancun Mexico.

Corals are dying due to many conditions largely caused by humans: overfishing, pollution, run-off, climate change, sedimentation, reckless development. Many people want to help, many do not know about the problems, and we need to find solutions to complement Marine Protected Areas and waste reduction.

Biorock® mineral accretion is a method to rehabilitate corals, create permeable breakwaters and develop sustainable fishing practices. The forms can be made to meld into the environment or stand out in juxtapostion: a seascape, a sculpture...there are many elements to consider in the process of working with the forces of nature, biology and ecology, the local communities and economies when uniting art, science and technology for ocean health.

Biorock uses low volt direct current to precipitate mineral deposition onto metal. The resulting surface is a natural substrate for corals to settle upon and colonize. The process can increase their survival in heating trends, and the corals can grow faster because they are getting minerals for exoskeleton growth from the electrolysis. Fish and other marine organisms move in to the new habitats. This particular sculpture inspired by DNA aims to lure tourists away from over-snorkeled, neighboring natural reefs while serving as a coral refuge and scientific biodiversity study.

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