Little Free Library promotes community, literacy and the love of reading by creating free book exchanges in neighborhoods worldwide.

Where It is Most Needed

It's hard to imagine that such a simple idea can become a phenomenal force for literacy and community-building in just a few years. When Todd Bol built a cute little schoolhouse box, planted it in his front yard in Hudson, Wisconsin and filled it with books to share with no strings attached, he had no idea that in less than three years there would be thousands in neighborhoods everywhere. The ripple that started in Wisconsin and Minnesota is now reaching around the world.

But the scope is not the real story - it is the impact on those that have a Little Free Library in their life:

"We can't believe the response this little library has had in just a few short days! The outpouring of support from our neighborhood has been amazing. It receives at least one or two visitors a day often full families at a time out for a morning or evening stroll around the neighborhood.

Kids and adults alike are excited and intrigued by the library and the look on their faces when they initially figure out what it is and then smile with anticipation of visiting soon with a book to swap is priceless."

Thanks to the G.I.F.T. Fund, we've been able to provide hundreds of Little Libraries at nominal or no cost to organizations and individuals who request help. When they apply to the G.I.F.T. Fund, they tell us why they want to be a part of this movement. They express a passion to promote reading and human connection in their communities.

As often as not, they help other communities follow their lead.

A donation to Little Free Library Give It Forward Team Fund allows us to allocate your support where it is the most needed.

Where will your tax-deductible donation go? It might make it possible for a food pantry or Head Start center to have a Little Library; a charter school, a senior center or clinic...a Boys and Girls Club, after-school program or community garden.

Equally important, it helps us find volunteers and new ways to support Little Free Library stewards.

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