Help me raise money to fund scholarships for lower income children, families and seniors to get healthy through YMCA programs!

A healthy lifestyle is the first step to finding happiness, success and over all well-being. I believe that everyone, despite their financial situation, should have access to healthy choices. I believe that the YMCA can provide that type of access to all in our community. Please join me to make sure that, in our community, everyone has access to healthy choices. From children and youth to families and seniors, the YMCA has programs for everyone...and everyone should have the ability to take part.

We hear it all the time: Obesity and chronic health issues related to being overweight has reached epidemic status in this country. Ok, so what do we do about it? How can I, one person, help to tackle one of the fastest growing problems in the United States? Here's how: help make sure that people of all economic backgrounds have ACCESS to the facilities, programs, professionals and community of support that lead to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The YMCA makes this a possibility...but not without our help.

Join me today to help fund access to healthy lifestyles for those in our community who need it most. I've taken on the challenge of raising $500 to fund a full year membership for a fellow community member in need. My colleagues on the YMCA board have also taken on this challenge and together we'll fund provide 15 additional full year scholarships for membership to meet our growing need. It's so simple: if we can pool our resources, however small, to support the healthy lifestyles of our neighbors, we all win. A healthy community is a strong and capable community--and one that I'm proud to be a part of!

Donate today to help me reach my goal of $500 and see how a small gift can change a life in a big way through the programs at the YMCA. Thank you for caring about our community's health, thank you for sharing your resources, and thank you for believing that we can work together to impact lives in St Paul.

Your online donation is secure, tax-deductible and will stay in the St Paul community.

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