Arts agency for Lincoln brings together local resources to facilitate creativity for arts orgs, artists, students, collectors & residents.

Incorporation of the arts into the life of any community adds measurably to the quality of life that attracts and keeps professionals in this city. What makes support of L.A.C. unique is the variety of creative disciplines and diversity of outcomes that this agency influences. LAC is positioned to support the whole of the creative community, to bring leadership within the arts community together to collaborate on mutually beneficial outcomes and to advocate for the arts with local, state and federal government. We have a long history of effective service and we are dedicated to upholding the public trust that we have to serve the community of Lincoln on behalf of the arts.

“My decision to become an AmeriCorps member two years ago laid a path for me that I don’t believe I otherwise would have found. Through doing arts programming for the Lincoln Arts Council, I have realized that my true calling is to teach art.”--Mollie Magnuson, art teacher Northstar High School

Dylan, a 4th grader in Awesome Artists after-school club: “My favorite project was the face project… the oil pastels. I would like to sign up for next quarter because I really love this and actually, by far, out of all the grades and years, I have really liked this one the best… because Awesome Artists is what I do.”

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