The MMUN Program is designed to provide students with and in-depth knowledge and tangible experience of problem solving on a global level.

Hello my name is Lily. I am in fourth grade, and I am going to tell you about the MMUN.

The MMUN experience will help me become a better citizen of the world. Learning about world problems helps you understand the needs, and right of others. I will be studying how to stop malaria. That is my topic at the MMUN. Therefore, the MMUN is great for kids to learn about the world.

I want to help the UN come up with good ideas. I will work in a committee in the MMUN and work with others. Beyond my own topic, I will be voting on student created solutions. Also, this trip will help us believe that we will make a difference in the world. I want to help the MMUN to start solving world problems.

Thank you for reading. I am thankful for any donations, big or small.


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