Everyone deserves access to clean water! Partner with me to address water issues in Israel and Africa.

This year I was fortunate enough to be one of the few teens accepted into the North Peninsula Jewish Community Teen Foundation (NPJCTF). NPJCTF is a non-profit foundation, consisting of 24 young adults who raise money to allocate grants to worthwhile causes. I decided to apply to the NPJCTF because I know that even at a young age, it is possible to make a huge difference. The NPJCTF is a teen philanthropy program that gives to Jews and non-Jews in need of help. By participating in this charitable group I am acquiring new skills such as learning how to raise donations, evaluate proposals, and grant funds. This year our mission is to fund programs that address water issues, such as, clean water, access to water, and water for farming, in Israel and Africa with a focus on self-sufficiency and sustainable development. Clean water is essential to life, and almost one billion people on our planet don't have access to it. Over 3.5 million people are dying from waterborne illnesses each year. Children are not being educated and therefore will not have careers because they spend their school days fetching water. I strongly believe that together we can make difference and change lives.

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