Life Steps Foundation (LSF) provides services to individuals with disabilities designed to empower and increase their self-sufficency

Ability Happens! The Life Steps Story.

Since 1983, Life Steps has been dedicated to helping the physically, developmentally and elderly disabled population of California lead more independent and enhanced quality lives.

We offer services to:




Our philosophy and our goal is to help transform lives by maximizing our clients independence.

We offer a number of services ranging from at-home services to children with autism and their parents, 24-hour support to adults with developmental disabilities, and Adult Day Health Care Centers that provide the elderly with activities, social interaction, meals and supervision of their medication needs.

Almost all of our services are offered free of charge to our clients, thanks to funding from the state of California and reimbursements from Med-Cal; however, over the last several years as the fiscal crisis has grown, so has our ability to provide services. In the last five years, our budget has been reduced by more than 15%, we have been forced to close one of our centers, and we are endanger of losing another where there is no alternative adult day health care center for our clients.

But despite these cuts, demand for our services continues to grow. Population growth, retiring baby boomers, and the shrinking economy has put a greter squeeze on clients and their families.

Without our services:

  • More families with disabled children, siblings and parents will not be able to afford the services their loved ones require.
  • They will be forced to choose between work or staying home to care for their family member(s).
  • Their reduced income will further tax the safety net as they must rely on other social programs to survive: housing, food stamps, unemployment, etc.
  • Some of our clients could end up homeless.
  • The entire family's quality of life diminishes as their disabled loved ones loses their ability to live more independently, freely and happily.

With YOUR support:

  • We will be able to provide more services to more clients.
  • We will be able to improve the lives of more families within your community.
  • We will be able reduce the stress on our social safety net as more of our clients can learn to live independently, find jobs, pay rent, buy products and services, and become active, productive members of their communities.


  • YOU will be able to take pride in helping ENABLE the disable.

Ability Happens!


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