Your support will aide upcoming updates, including a new Outpatient Service Center and patient room renovations.

Lexington Regional Health Center is pleased to announce current plans for a major facilities renovation. The proposed improvements will allow the hospital to better meet its core mission of providing high quality, accessible and cost-effective health care.

All aspects of the patient and visitor experience will be enhanced through the following:

  • Complete transformation of the dining area
  • Conversion of all patient rooms to private rooms
  • Construction of a new hospital wing that will house the Outpatient Service Center.

The Outpatient Service Center will:

  • House outpatient services
  • Have plenty of clinic space for visiting specialists
  • Hold three state-of-the-art surgery rooms, with the option of a fourth room.

The project also includes substantial and necessary upgrades to the mechanical, electrical, and air-handling systems.

Moving Forward

Since 1976, Lexington Regional has taken pleasure in serving the medical needs of the area. Yet rapid changes in medical technology and ever-evolving patient expectations have rendered the existing facility inefficient and insufficient to meet the community’s current and future health needs. So in 2010, the hospital selected HDR, Inc., an Omaha-based architectural, engineering, and consulting firm with a strong global presence in health care construction. They have worked with hospitals such as Mayo Clinic, St. Jude, and Cleveland Clinic. Lexington Regional also chose HDR because of their commitment to using local sub-contractors and endors when possible.

Rising health care costs are a national concern, so the need for cost containment was a major component in deciding the scale and scope of the project. To help fund the 20 million dollar project, Lexington Regional will work with local commercial banks and the US Department of agriculture’s Rural Development Direct Loan Program. While the hospital district has a statutory taxing authority, it remains committed to not levying any tax for this project. Additionally, hospital charges for patients will not be directly increased by this renovation.

These renovations will serve as the foundation for community health services in the foreseeable future. The Board of Directors pursued a diligent, thorough review before deciding to embark on this endeavor. By its nature, health care construction requires specialized contractors and equipment, which can be time consuming. Therefore, the updated projected timeline includes: renovation of patient rooms, dining area, and exterior construction of the surgical center beginning in spring 2014. Construction on all phases should be completed by the summer of 2016.

A strong local hospital is vital to a community’s economic wellbeing, and Lexington Regional is no different. Through its normal operations the hospital directly contributes 25 million dollars to the local economy. This economic impact will only be increased as new opportunities are created for local businesses and workers during construction.

Thank you for choosing Lexington Regional as your health care provider of choice. We look forward to meeting and exceeding your needs both now and in the future.

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