Coming home from Nicaragua, and not allowing the experience to stop there. We are 1,800 miles away, but can still help!

Here's the deal - there's a community in the middle of Managua, Nicaragua, living in the middle of trash. Heaped around their yards, scattered across their walkways and fields and water sources. We're talking rotting foods, used bottles, slimy cartons. We're talking broken concrete slabs and shards of metals and syringes. The children walk around shoeless because they don't have the money for even the most basic pair of sandals. They're too busy trying to eat and stay alive. Health is off the wall, education is difficult, proper care is spotty. Most of the children - 9 out of 10 or worse - have been or are living through's Hell on Earth.

HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS - We're doing something about it. We're raising money for the children; some of it will go towards new school supplies, some towards feeding more children in ORPHANetwork's existing feeding programs, some will go towards getting proper shoes onto the children. Are you in? Donate to support the cause!

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    1500 N Great Neck Rd
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    Our mission is rescue abandoned, abused, and orphaned children, and to prevent vulnerable children from becoming abandoned.
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