Leadership Lincoln cultivates a diverse group of youth and adult community leaders to help strengthen the fabric of life in Lincoln!

Leadership Lincoln (LL) believes that informed, skilled and dedicated leadership is the key to the future of the Lincoln community. We believe in Engaging, Connecting and Serving the citizens of Lincoln!

  • Engage—LL engages individuals from diverse backgrounds by providing them with the knowledge, experiences, skills and leadership tools that prepare them to become effective leaders within the community.
  • Connect—LL then connects those individuals to one another, to key decision makers in our community and to agencies, organizations, governmental commissions, projects and the community at large.
  • Serve—LL also encourages and expects those individuals to take personal responsibility and actively serve the community resulting in a stronger and better Lincoln for all of us.

Everyday LL alumni play key roles, serving on boards, taking an active role in events and volunteering where needed. The community benefits from the interest and commitment of our alumni. Your contribution will help us to provide the quality programs for which we are known and help future leaders of Lincoln.

Meet a few alumni of our Programs

  1. Fellows—ensures our city has a pool of well-trained, knowledgeable individuals ready to assume leadership positions throughout the community.
    • Jennifer Koolen says that "LL encourages the participants to reflect upon their role and responsibility in serving those in need and how as a community they can improve the lives of others. Upon reflection, I realized that my career was based upon my talents and training, not based upon my passion. Today, I am happily employed by a non-profit organization that serves abused and neglected children. I am using my passion and talents to bring awareness to the Lincoln community about the problem we face and am working diligently to raise funds for the organization to operate, which in turn sustains their mission to give child victims of abuse hope and healing."
  2. Lincoln Executive Series—provides senior management a deeper understanding of critical issues facing the community.
    • Colleen Jones says that participating in Lincoln Executive Series IX "was a truly eye-opening experience. I was 6 months new to Lincoln and was having a difficult time understanding this community. It helped me to grasp the history, sort out the layers of the political landscape; begin to identify the various movers and shakers and find opportunities for my intetests and talents. It was an excellent way to comprehend those aspects of this community and to begin to navigate them in ways that would be impactful for myself as well as the issues and constituencies that I cared about."
  3. Youth Leadership Lincoln—instills a lifelong commitment to community service in youth; helping them understand youth leadership can make a difference.
    • Brendan McDaniel participated in YLL as a sophomore at Lincoln East. "Being involved with YLL allowed me to grow as a leader and a citizen of Lincoln during my high school years, and provided the tools to continue developing these skills. I’m fortunate to work alongside four Leadership Lincoln alumni today, and each of us cares deeply for this organization and what it stands for. Being a servant leader and always giving back is something that I strive to do in my career, for my family and for my community. Having the ability to volunteer with YLL alumni and knowing that we all have a common bond to help others and grow our community is a major reason I am so engaged with YLL to this day."
  4. Project A.L.L.—equips, encourages, and recruits ethnic/minority individuals or individuals who represent or are interested in advocating for under-represented voices for meaningful roles of governance and service on non-profit and governmental boards/task forces.
    • Roy Rivera says that "there are many individuals in the community that would like to contribute their time and skills by participating as a board of directors/task force volunteer; however, many of us do not know how to go about it. Project A.L.L. was the conduit that guided me on my way to being more involved in the community." Today, Roy serves on the People's Health Center Board of Directors.

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