Hosting "Elvis", a 10 year-old Latvian Orphan, for Christmas 2012 in the hopes of finding a "forever family" for Elvis! Read More!

Anyone who knows me knows of my heart for Adoption! Aaron, my adopted son (13), wants to help other orphans as well. Aaron has progressed tremendously and having a permanent family has been a huge part of Aaron's healing from years of abuse and wandering through the foster care system. Our family Mission Statement is, "To love God, love each other, love others and relieve suffering whenever and wherever possible in the name of Jesus." We hope that we will find Elvis a "forever family". You can see Elvis' picture here! Maybe you have a heart for orphans too but are not ready to provide a permanent home. Your bringing Elvis to the US will give him 4 glorious weeks to have an awesome Christmas away from a Latvian orphanage and may possibly help him find a home.

Aaron and I are taking contributions as "confirmation" or "denial" of God wanting us to take in Elvis for Christmas. Will you be a part of the confirmation?

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