Just this year, HIP and our partners in the Adelante Education Coalition have founded the Triangle for Latino Student Success Project, an unprecedented coalition of Latino community-based organizations, colleges and university deans and presidents, state legislators, funders, representatives from local school systems, and business leaders—all working together to increase the academic success of Latinos in North Carolina’s Triangle region.

In the Triangle today Latino students have a dropout rate of over 50 percent—double the dropout rate for other students. We face a big, systemic problem, and it requires big, systemic solutions. That’s why we’re building a region-wide system to help our Latino students finish high school, get into college, and complete college. To be successful, we know we need to do more than just help individual Latino students, so we’re also supporting Latino parents in navigating the American education system, training educators to be more effective and culturally competent in working with Latinos, and working with K-12 school systems and institutions of higher education to advocate for institutional and systemic policy change.

Make a donation today and your gift will be doubled by a match from the Kellogg Foundation! Here’s what your donation will mean for a young Latino student with small resources but big dreams:

  • $50 gets doubled to $100, covering a travel stipend for one volunteer Latino college student to mentor a Latino high school student—an amazing model that improves academic success for BOTH the mentor and the mentee.
  • $100 gets doubled to $200, covering the cost of one after-school workshop for Latino students and their families.
  • $250 gets doubled to $500, allowing us to provide a scholarship for a young person in our program who graduates high school and completes the first year of college.
  • $2,500 gets doubled to $5,000, allowing us to provide cultural competence training for hundreds of teachers and administrators.
  • $5,000 gets doubled to $10,000, covering the cost of a “Success Coach” to provide year-round coaching and mentorship for Latino youth and their families.

Please make your donation today and help make sure we live up to the promise of making education a dream within the reach of every child!

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