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Ezekiel, currently unemployed.

Ezekiel came to LCA with a letter from an insurance company he received in the mail about ten days ago. He did not understand what it meant, but he did know it had something to do with a neighbor in his trailer park. The woman had filed an insurance claim stating that Ezekiel was responsible for damage done to her trailer home due to soccer balls repeatedly striking against it. His sons play soccer in the grassy area near her trailer. He admitted that sometimes the ball hits her trailer, but that it hadn’t caused much damage. The letter stated that he owed $2,030 to the insurance company.

LCA called the insurance company after interviewing Ezekiel. We made three phone calls to reach the correct representative. Then we asked if they had any proof of the damages, such as photos. He said they did have photos. We asked if they could email the photos to us. He agreed. We looked over the photos with Ezekiel and noted that the trailer was old and in bad condition to begin with. Nothing indicated that soccer balls had done enough damage to warrant a complete paint job and the replacement of siding skirt. We called the rep back to say as much, and he agreed to drop the case. We recorded his name in our records and made a copy for Ezekiel to keep in case of any future problems.

We saved Ezekiel from having to pay $2,030 he wasn’t responsible for paying, not to mention the stress it caused. Language was a barrier, as well as not feeling confident in what to say when speaking to the insurance company. Essentially, not being sure of his rights. Advocacy and interpretation were the solutions provided by LCA.

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