Help The Children of Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. LEARN. CARE. ACT.

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We provide assistance to children, families and schools on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, home to the Oglala Lakota tribe.

WHY YOU should CARE about this CAUSE:

  • Mail is not delivered to residences;
  • Internet access is not affordable by many;
  • Water is not accessible to many, who depend upon water delivery trucks and outhouses;
  • schools struggle to keep teachers;
  • drop out rates are as high as 70%;
  • suicides, diabetes and alcoholism are epidemics;
  • the average life span is 47 for women and 53 for men, lowest in the Western Hemisphere aside from Haiti.



  • Over $150,000 in essential supplies for children, families and schools;
  • Children's Holiday Parties in three communities;
  • Over 9,000 books to schools;
  • We are linking an elementary school classroom on Pine Ridge to students in NY, through a program we call "Pen-Pal Plus";
  • We run an annual Writing Challenge - this year the them is Inspirational Women in the community;
  • We support a girl's math and culture camp;
  • We fill specific wish list items for schools; and
  • We have provided schools with proper running shoes so their chidlren can participate in sports. ________________________________________________________


Your money will allow us to further develop programs, to reach a greater audience and to meet the needs of children and the community in new ways. Projects that your contribution may support include:

  • Expanding our ability to LINK schools on and off the Reservation by SKYPE or other technology, following our educational model we call PEN-PAL PLUS;
  • In October 2012 we launched our First Annual Writing Challenge for Middle School and High School students, incorporating monetary awards for students AND their schools. With your support we can make this challenge an annual event;
  • Building music programs for schools;
  • Supporting a cultural camp on the Reservation;
  • Providing schools with essential resources to help support after school clubs and/or additional services;
  • Filling wish lists of fun reading materials to keep the children reading;
  • Making sure that children are properly attired to withstand the winter weather of the region (they need snow jackets and boots);
  • Providing students with appropriate athletic shoes so that they can participate safely in sports, and supporting sports programs;
  • Filling the wish list of a prenatal center;
  • Supporting our partners, distributors and helpers on the Reservation who work hard to see that our projects are properly implemented; and
  • doing what we always do -- getting the word out and motivating the public to support the Lakota community's efforts build a better future


PLEASE TAKE ACTION: SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR LAKOTA CHILDREN! Make a tax deductible donation OR organize an event, run a race and get sponsors, set a goal to raise money to purchase a specific item for a school.

Every $10 or $20 contribution adds up!

Lakota Children's Enrichment, Inc., formerly known as Lakota Pine Ridge Children's Enrichment Project, Ltd. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

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