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St. Francis Xavier elementary school in Phoenix, AZ is over 75 years old. We are building a new school that will allow for all of today's technology and create a more positive learning environment for our students.

A selection committee met last month to identify 25 alumni delegates from our school history who exemplify the school pillars of learning. Obviously with the quality of people attending our school over the past 75 years, this was no easy task. This founding BEST IN CLASS cohort truly represents St. Francis Xavier’s most influential trendsetters, who have spent their time since they left our campus being men and women for others through both their professional and charitable contributions.

Please help honor the success that these men and women have become by supporting their efforts to help build the new school at St. Francis Xavier.

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    St. Francis Xavier School, a faith community grounded on Jesuit principles of education, cultivates excellence in mind, body and spirit.
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