This year, Seely Place School’s annual charity walk-a-thon is dedicated to the people of Samburu Kenya.

The Samburu Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that collaborates with communities in developing countries to enhance men, women and children's daily lives by providing resources that address immediate needs while promoting long term sustainability and self-sufficiency along with cultural integrity.

The Samburu Project´s primary initiative is aimed at providing easy access to clean, safe drinking water to communities throughout the Samburu District of Kenya. This is a community where women and children walk up to 12 miles every day in search of water. Often, this water is contaminated. With clean water, it will become possible to impact other aspects of community life including education, healthcare, income generation and women´s empowerment. With water, development happens.

You can help us! Already, The Samburu Project has drilled over 40 wells providing clean, safe drinking water to over 40,000 people. With you, we can continue providing water to communities in need!

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