Dear Friends, I am looking for your financial support to reach a goal of $1000 for the Environmental Leadership Program.

The Environmental Leadership Program's (ELP's) mission is to support visionary, action-oriented, and diverse leadership for a just and sustainable future.

Have you ever felt the following while pursuing your career:


-Fighting the good fight alone?


-Devoid of where to turn for advice on how to develop your career?

As a ELP board member and senior fellow, I feel truly blessed that I can tap into a network of over 500 of the country's top emerging environmental leaders to help me on my journey to answer these difficult questions.

Just this year:

  • ELP Trained 36 emerging leaders
  • ELP continued to develop its Senior Fellows (graduate) program by hosting our 2nd Women's Leadership Retreat and our first Systems Thinking retreat
  • ELP grew its community to 536 leaders around the country
  • ELP helped place 3 Senior Fellows on National Boards
  • 1,300 people have attended or viewed our 2012 webinars
  • ELP created 2 new partnerships to help expand ELP's Brand and diversify our income streams
  • Based on our Personal Leadership Plan Process, Fellows have made the following accomplishments:
    • 4 Fellow launched new companies in 2012
    • 12 Senior Fellows have begun Masters, MBA or PhD Programs in 2012
    • 40 Fellows have found new jobs that better tap into their skills and passions
    • ELP funded 7 new collaborations between 21 Senior Fellows
    • 6 ELP Fellows authored new books or book chapters

Hey now! Are you as in awe as I am? ELP fellows are "getting it done" in a time in our history when others are not moving towards solutions.

I am forever grateful to ELP for the leadership training they provided as well as the network I can tap into at a moment's notice to move us towards a sustainable future.

Please join me in supporting ELP. Every dollar counts!



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