Windcall helps community and labor organizers be resilient, practice transformative leadership, & improve the vitality of social movements.

If you've been organizing for decades, you can reach a moment when stepping back from the work can be the VERY best thing you can do for it. I was one of those organizers in 2012 when I was awarded a Windcall Residency. It was an amazing and transformative experience for me that I think every dedicated organizer should have.
Other organizers that I have worked with that have participated in the Windcall Residency include Native American Activist Lenny Foster, Bruce Gagnon working to stop weapons and nuclear power in space., environmental and civil rights activist "Van" Jones, and two prominent homeless rights advocates Terry Messman and Michael Stoops among many others that have benefited from the Windcall Residency
That's why I'm hoping you’ll join me in giving to Windcall, especially since three donors are matching every dollar you give by Saturday, December 8th, up to $13,000.
My residency came at a perfect time. I had just finished four years of writing my new book "Hungry For Peace," a year of helping Orlando Food Not Bombs resist the cities Large Group Feeding Law where I did another 19 days in jail, the formation of the Food Not Bombs Free Skool and months of helping prepare food for the occupations. It was also a time of transition in my personal life having spent over three decades organizing with Food Not Bombs without taking any time to reflect on my role as a painter and writer outside my role as a cofounder of Food Not Bombs. Windcall gave me a chance to have distance from Food Not Bombs and take three weeks for myself in the woods of Vermont. This also gave me a much needed break from living without plumbing or the other comforts of living housed.
My Windcall Residency was shared with two other community activists who shared many of the same struggles and we all realized the value of not only reflection but found the activist coaching provided by Windcall helpful. The time with my coach helped me understand that I can be more effective as a Food Not Bombs organizer and more likely to be a help to the movement if I took more time for myself and improve my living conditions.
I also came to understand that movements are only as good as the resiliency and the vision of those within them. I get it now for myself and for everyone I work with.
Windcall is there for organizers of color, organizers working in low-income communities, and organizers working under all kinds of conditions all over the country. And Windcall plans to grow to support organizers with coaching and other supports to help them move ahead after their Residencies AND to inspire resiliency and transformative leadership practices throughout our movements.
Please give and help me meet my goal and Windcall meet the match by December 8th.

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