We are making this appeal to tackle overdue needs at AAW. Foremost among them are the organization’s website and digital publications.

AAW has grown to over 14,500 members worldwide and supports more than 350 local chapters. AAW publishes the journal American Woodturner six times a year, organizes a highly attended annual symposium, sponsors arts outreach activities and operates the AAW Gallery of Wood Art, which is located in St. Paul, Minnesota’s Landmark Center.

We are making this appeal in order to tackle some long overdue needs at AAW. Foremost among them is an overhaul of the organization’s website, digital publications and a campaign to dramatically grow our membership in coming years. Given our new leadership and renewed enthusiasm for future progress, we believe AAW is now poised to undertake these crucial tasks.

As a member and supporter of the American Association of Woodturners during the organization’s 26 years of history, you have brought your talents to bear over many years on behalf of the organization. Without those who love wood art – and the artists who make it – our organization would be greatly diminished.

We would like to express our genuine appreciation and deep gratitude for your generosity.

Dale Larson, AAW Board President

Phil McDonald, AAW Executive Director

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