Lake Superior's North Shore inspires our imagination and boasts incredible natural habitats. Help preserve it for people, fish and wildlife

Whether we fish its cold-water streams, hike along its miles of trails, or simply enjoy its beauty from behind a windshield, Minnesotans and visitors alike consider the rocky, rugged North Shore coast of Lake Superior an irreplaceable gem. The tundra-like habitats of the coast, the mixed pine and hardwoods of its highland ridges, and the spruce and cedar wetlands that dot the interior all play host to diverse and unique natural habitats. The beauty of the North Shore is unparalleled. Today, the North Shore of Lake Superior has never been more popular. The beauty of the region acts as a magnet to vacationers as well as new residents. And this popularity results in growth, which is good for the economy and good for the social capital of the communities along the Shore. But this growth carries challenges for the natural and scenic aspects of the region. The Minnesota Land Trust has been actively protecting land along the North Shore for 15 years. In 2007, the Land Trust launched the North Shore Protection Initiative to ramp up the effort to protect the natural and scenic heritage of the North Shore while simultaneously respecting the social and economic needs of the communities within the region. We've made great progress, protecting 20 different sites, and working with local communities to create alternatives to haphazard development. But there's a bit more to do... If you love the North Shore, and think future generations of Minnesotans should be able to enjoy it, make a gift today and help be a part of preserving this irreplaceable gem!

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