Utah’s first and only 24-hour, commercial-free, news and information station - truly community listener supported public radio.

KCPW brings you news and information that you can trust. We don't answer to advertisers or lobbyists; we answer to you, the listener and the community.

Independent journalism is important now more than ever. Shows like The Rundown, The Hinckley Institue Radio Hour, and Both Sides of the Aisle give our listeners access to pertinent, local happenings with no strings attached.

BBC news coverage, Marketplace, The Takeaway and others give global scope with clear and concise reporting and Behind the Headlines gives you the opportunity to directly connect with newspeople.

Your contribution will help ensure that your community's voice is heard.

Our mission:

  • Create informed and engaged citizens by providing in-depth local, national and international news
  • Connect and involve our audience by presenting news, lectures, local events and special broadcasts related to politics, the environment, education and business
  • Foster and strengthen our community by partnering with local business and organizations
  • Act as a lifelong resource, so that we may all grow and improve public discourse

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