Your generous support keeps KCEP Public Radio strong and independent, and is a vital source of funding for our programs.

Celebrating 42 years (1972 – 2014)“Your Soul School Station", A community service of the Economic Opportunity Board of Clark County, public radio KCEP-FM provides more than 150,000 listeners each week an eclectic blend of R&B, locally produced public affairs programming and cultural programs. The station broadcasts throughout the Las Vegas Valley on its frequency of 88.1 FM.

As a member-supported, non-commercial station, KCEP is proud to be an National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate station with a mission statement: We engage, inform and entertain our audience by providing a distinctive and thoughtful mix of news, public affairs and music programming.

Thank you Southern Nevada for continuing your support of public radio KCEP. Through your donations KCEP has been able to provide you with quality syndicated programming such as Tell Me More, Cafe Mocha, Bobby Jones Gospel Countdown and recently added Keep Hope Alive with Jesse Jackson, an improved HD (High Definition) broadcasting signal and the equipment necessary to broadcast live community and social events to the public.

Since it's inception public radio KCEP has had over 1,500 interns, helped over 5,000 non-profits, partnered with over 10,000 small businesses and 8,000 corporate businesses. The reach of public radio KCEP goes beyond hundreds but touches hundreds of thousands of indivdiuals in any given month.

By listening, supporting and telling others to listen to public radio KCEP, you have made KCEP the most listened to public radio station in Nevada.

Please consider supporting to public radio KCEP, by making a donation to KCEP in the amount of $35 or more , to help public radio KCEP continue to provide this quality service. Call 702-648-0104 and ask what more can be done to sustain this amazing medium called public radio.

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