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In February of 2013 twelve others and myself will be going to Chaing Mai Thailand for a missions trip. The mission is to be missioanries to missionaires. We will be taking care of the children of the missionaries in Asia who will be participating in a week long training conference. These missionaries have been doing some amazing things. They are helping women in India escape prostitution and poverty by teaching them practical skills so they can make a living. Others staff a medical clinic in southern China that provides free surgeries and rehabilitation services to the local population. In Japan, several short-term and long-term missionary teams are serving the northern areas still devastated by the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011. Other missionaries serve street children in Mongolia; combat human trafficking – including of young children into the sex trade – in Thailand and elsewhere; and address the devaluation of women and girls in many Asian countries.

We will essentially be holding a week long Sunday school for the children of these missionaries. I could not be more excited for this opporuntity that God has placed in my life. I need your support in two areas. Prayers and donations.

Thank you, your support means the world to me!

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