Haven is a non-for profit organization that raises money and send volunteers to Haiti.

My name is Katie O'Sullivan, I am 14 years old and I am participating in the 2012 Build it Week in Haiti. I will be travelling to Haiti with my dad in the middle of May to help rebuild and repair an orphanage damaged by the horrific earthquake in 2010. With a group of other volunteers from all different places, I hope that we can make a difference by helping as much as we can and opening up a brighter future for the children there. I am unsure of that amount of physical help I can offer with the reconstruction, but I promise to do my best and am very confident that just being their will give the kid their something to look forward too and give them knew hope for a better life. My goal in going is truly just to help cheer up the kids at the orphanage and put a smile on their faces. I am sure that the money I must raise for this trip ($5000) will go to great use and make everyday life a little more comfortable for these poor innocent kids. I cannot help but feel sorry for what these innocent children must suffer through each day. I am blessed to be where I am and have a safe and comfortable home, I know that I can help with this worthy cause send give back to the society. the funds that I raise will solely go to improving the lives of these Haitians. I can only hope and pray that when I return home, I will leave behind a group of happy kids with smiling faces that had tentatively forgotten about their misfortunes and enjoyed a wonderful week with us. Now, don't you think that would be an achievement? Anything you can give, even as little as a dollar would be greatly appreciated. If you would prefer to give a donation via credit card, please follow the link below. I am told, it's as simple as I,2,3.When I return, I will send you all some beautiful photographs of smiling kids which you made happen! Thank you and god bless.

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