BSP is an awesome organization that I've been volunteering with since moving to the Bay Area teaching English to custodial staff at Facebook

Sometimes it's easy to forget that huge tech companies like Facebook hire more than just software developers. There are many hands that make those businesses thrive, including janitors and custodial workers. Often times, the people in those postitions are Spanish speaking and Building Skills works with them to help thrive in the workplace (and outisde the workplace)!

The women I've worked with are really great. They have a passion for learning a new language--which is pretty amazing since they are all adults with practicallly zero prior exposure to English.

Diane, the professional English teacher I assist works so hard to make the classes fun and interactive.

It's great that large tech corporations can offer employment to so many people who have immigrated to the Bay Area, but there is also a great need to ensure the well-being of these members of our community other than just a paycheck. That is BSPs mission, I hope you'll join me in supporting their cause!

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