Excited to run my 1st ½ marathon but also very thrilled knowing my efforts will help families find their way out of poverty.

Dear Family & Friends:

I know many of you get solicited constantly and I know times are tough now too, however, some people do not know the difference.

I always had the desire of running in a marathon so I decided this was this year. I have been training for many weeks (my feet are taking a beating) to run a ½ marathon in Philadelphia on November 21st. However, I decided to make this event not a completely selfish venture. I have joined the “A Wider Circle” organization and runners to aid in the cause of ending poverty for many impoverished families. The mission of A Wider Circle is simple: to help individuals and families lift themselves out of poverty. A Wider Circle provides basic need items to families transitioning out of shelters or simply living without life’s necessities. They also go into low-income schools and shelters to lead educational workshops on topics ranging from healthy self-esteem and stress management to resume writing and financial planning.

I am thrilled to run the streets of Philadelphia knowing that some families are going to be better off by my efforts. Join me in my excitement and help some needy families with basic needs, for example a bed, a better future and possibly a Happy Thanksgiving! Your donation will be greatly appreciated. God bless you all!

Katherine “k”

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