I am raising money in order to be able to go with a team from my church, Imago Dei, to be God's hands and feet for the people of Honduras.

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, with 50% of the population below the poverty line. I haven't been yet myself, but hearing some of the stories of the previous Honduras teams has broken my heart. Hearing about the conditions these people live in- small, one bedroom huts with dirt floors, the family lives and hardships these people endure- it's apparently all too common for single moms to have as many as 8 kids to raise completely on their own because the males use them for one thing and then completely abandon their responsibilities. It's overwhelming.

And yet, with what seems like desperate situations, these moms (from what I've heard) face these hardships with grace and a faith that seems almost inconceivable. It makes my hardships seem like rainbows and sunshine and fills me with the desire to not only help them with some practical needs, but most importantly to build relationships and community with these women and children. I can only hope to impact their lives, if only a fraction of the impact I know they'll have on mine!

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