On Mission to Egypt!

Friends and family,

Thanks for taking the time to learn about my upcoming mission's trip to Egypt! I did a short video to tell you about why I'm going, what I'll be doing and how you can be a part of it, so I hope it gives you some insight into why I felt like it was the right time to make this journey.

Here's what I will be doing: (1) Renovating a local school and hospital that are in desperate need of renovations. (2) Teaching English/providing love and care to both Muslim and Christian children who live in the poorest area of Cairo known as Manshiyet Nassar. (3) Encouraging a church in the heart of the city that is passionate about reconciliation with Muslims and serving the poor. (4) Deepening my understanding of peace/conflict both past and present with Christians/Muslims in Egypt.

If you'd like to take a little time and donate to the cause, I would be so grateful!

Thanks for considering making a contribution!

Much love,


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