Please support me through prayer and financial support for my trip to Thailand!

I am going on a mission trip to Thailand in February 2013! I need prayer and financial support for this trip. Our team will be ministering to the children of missionaires, who are stationed in the areas of Mongolia, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and other nations of South East.

Every two years, Reach Global Asia holds a mandatory conference for its missionaries. While 200 adults are in conference sessions, we will provide childcare and youth programs for approximately 60 children. Our goal is to enrich these children in knowledge, in spirit, and in fellowship, giving them the opportunity to reconnect with each other, since many of them have little interaction with other Americans their age.

For all of you that know me, this is such a dream because I love working with children!

The missionary families are doing amazing things in Asia. For example, they are helping women in India escape prostitution and poverty by teaching them practical skills so they can make a living. Others staff a medical clinic in southern China that provides free surgeries and rehabilitation services to the local population. In Japan, several short-term and long-term missionary teams are serving the northern areas still devastated by the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011. Other missionaries serve street children in Mongolia; combat human trafficking – including of young children into the sex trade – in Thailand and elsewhere; and address the devaluation of women and girls in many Asian countries.

Througout all of this work, the missionaries are constantly preaching the gospel, the good news that Jesus Christ died for our sins, to bring us into a relationship with Himself, that we may no longer be at odds with a holy God who is perfect and without sin.

Here some basic facts about Thailand if you are interested:

  • Thailand means "Land of the Free" because it successfully retained its freedom when surrounding countries were colonized by Western powers.
  • Population: 65,493,296
    Note: estimates take into account the effects of excess mortality due to AIDS
  • Religions: Buddhist 94.6%, Muslim 4.6%, Christian 0.7%, other 0.1% (2000 census)
  • Languages: Thai, English, ethnic/regional dialects

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