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  1. Size_120x120_franrunning1

    $6,628 raised
    so far

    Fran Curtis 2011 Boston Marathon

    I will be running the 2011 Boston Marathon on the Summer Search Team. Please help us raise money for them by donating today. Thank you

    Francis Curtis A fundraiser by Francis Curtis for Summer Search


    • 69 donations
  2. Size_120x120_katy4

    $4,606 raised
    so far

    Katy Jensen 2011 Boston Marathon

    On Monday, April 18th, 2011, I will be running the Boston Marathon on behalf of Summer Search.

    Katy Jensen A fundraiser by Katy Jensen for Summer Search


    • 57 donations
  3. Size_120x120_lsh%20marathon%20photo

    $2,960 raised
    so far

    2011 Boston Marathon

    Summer Search provides ongoing and long-term support for low-income high school students.

    Lilah Hume A fundraiser by Lilah Hume for Summer Search


    • 13 donations
  4. Size_120x120_scan1_0001

    $1,670 raised
    so far

    Joe Ranieri 2011 Boston Marathon

    Summer Search is a national youth leadership development program providing life-changing opportunities to low-income high school students!

    Joseph Ranieri A fundraiser by Joseph Ranieri for Summer Search


    • 24 donations
  5. Size_120x120_73542-039-030f

    $7,675 raised
    so far

    Josh Levine 2011 Boston Marathon

    I am thrilled to announce that I will be running the 2011 Boston Marathon on behalf of Summer Search!

    Josh Levine A fundraiser by Josh Levine for Summer Search


    • 75 donations
  6. Size_120x120_img_1622

    $5,194 raised
    so far

    Christopher Birch 2011 Boston Marathon run for Summer Search Boston

    Summer Search provides mentoring and summer travel, work and service opportunities for 350+ disadvantaged Boston area high school students

    Christopher Birch A fundraiser by Christopher Birch for Summer Search


    • 31 donations
  7. Size_120x120_profile%20pic

    $3,570 raised
    so far

    Ruchi Desai 2011 Boston Marathon

    Running the 2011 Boston Marathon on behalf of Summer Search Boston!

    Ruchi Desai A fundraiser by Ruchi Desai for Summer Search


    • 64 donations
  8. Size_120x120_14991_708459060207_609001_40285357_3970898_n

    $2,954 raised
    so far

    Azim Munivar - 2011 Summer Search Team for the 115th Annual Boston Marathon

    The mission of Summer Search is to find resilient low-income high school students and inspire them to become leaders.

    Azim Munivar A fundraiser by Azim Munivar for Summer Search


    • 35 donations
  9. Size_120x120_lake%20placid

    $5,100 raised
    so far

    David Gravelle 2011 Boston Marathon

    Summer Search provides low income high school students with the support they need to develop critical skills for college and beyond.

    David Gravelle A fundraiser by David Gravelle for Summer Search


    • 61 donations
  10. Size_120x120_p1000069

    $4,420 raised
    so far

    Gita Rebbapragada 2011 Boston Marathon

    Donate to this amazing organization!

    Gita Rebbapragada A fundraiser by Gita Rebbapragada for Summer Search


    • 11 donations