We're much more than a preschool: Joyce's bilingual program gets kids ready for kindergarten, and supports their families in school and out.

Forty-seven years ago, Joyce Preschool started as a small nursery school serving twelve children in a church basement.

Thanks to the support of amazing donors like you, we've grown to be so much more. Now Joyce is in a new location, providing bilingual preschool and support services to more than 100 families.

One of these families is María's. A single mom, María moved to Minneapolis to ensure her children had the best education. Her daughter Cristal is now a kindergartener and avid reader. Joyce nurtured her daughter's love of reading — Cristal loves her books so much, she sleeps with them in her bed.

Cristal graduated Joyce ready for kindergarten — part of only 36% of Spanish-speaking kindergarteners in Minneapolis who are ready for school when they enter.

Cristal's education would not have been possible without Joyce's scholarship fund, and the supporters like you that believe in the importance of education.

With your help, we can continue our track record of success: 100% of Joyce Preschool graduates last year (and the year before, and the year before!) were ready for kindergarten!

Help us continue to provide a strong educational foundation for children like Cristal. Our Give to the Max Day donations support our scholarships, and are being generously matched by members of the Joyce Preschool board! Your gift will be worth double!

Your gift makes a difference for Joyce preschoolers. Please, donate now.

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